Igniting Passion & Sparking Creativity, a series of Ceremonies and Alignment Guides from UMA GAIA

Ask yourself; what is one passion of yours that may be “hidden within you”, or that you want to carve out more space for, or that you have always been curious about but have never tried because of judgement or even “imposter syndrome”. What is one creative passion you are ready to spark within yourself and share with the world? Are you ready to ignite it? Perhaps you have been thinking of this passion for some time or perhaps it comes to you as you read this now; either way the knowledge below will guide you into nurturing your passions, your creativity and expansion of dreams. 

Chakra, Crystal & Element Awareness

Passion and creativity rest in the Sacral (Svadhishthana), Solar Plexus (Manipura) and Throat (Vishuddha) Chakras. By activating and aligning these energy centers, your dreams and desires will be supported, you will be confident, and ready to project them into existence.  

A few crystals to assist in activating these Chakras are Citrine, Carnelian, Tigers Eye, and Turquoise. The colors associated are orange, yellow and blue. The elements aligned are water, fire and sound. Connecting with these colors, elements and crystals will gently release blocks, and expand the passion and creativity within you.   

Meditation to awaken passion and creativity

Thought Provoking Quote

“Now, to look is one of the most difficult things in life – or to listen – to look and listen are the same. If your eyes are blinded with your worries, you cannot see the beauty of the sunset. Most of us have lost touch with nature. Civilization is tending more and more towards large cities; we are becoming more and more an urban people, living in crowded apartments and having very little space even to look at the sky of an evening and morning, and therefore we are losing touch with a great deal of beauty. I don’t know if you have noticed how few of us look at a sunrise or a sunset or the moonlight or the reflection of light on water. Having lost touch with nature we naturally tend to develop intellectual capacities. We read a great many books, go to a great many museums and concerts, watch television and have many other entertainments. We quote endlessly from other people’s ideas and think and talk a great deal about art. Why is it that we depend so much upon art? Is it a form of escape, of stimulation? If you are directly in contact with nature; if you watch the movement of a bird on the wing, see the beauty of every movement of the sky, watch the shadows on the hills or the beauty on the face of another, do you think you will want to go to any museum to look at any picture? Perhaps it is because you do not know how to look at all the things about you that you resort to some form of drug to stimulate you to see better. There” 

Jiddu Krishnamurti, “Freedom from the Known” 

Mind Body Spirit Guidance

Six Simple Avenues to Igniting the Flame Within

  1. Explore the Arts – take time to explore all different forms of art that catches your attention or intrigues you. Don’t just look, try!  
  1. Immerse Yourself in Nature – get out into Nature, see the trees, the wind, the sky, see the beauty, abundance and divine creation within every element of NatureIf you’re in a city, observe the birds, observe the one tree you may see from your window, connect with your house plants.  
  1. Intuitive Movement – move your body, whether by the way of dance, yoga, or any preferred form of movement – but move gently, move with intention, move with emotion.  
  1. Intuitive Meditation – tune into peace, quiet and space. Meditation is the ability to create space within you, it doesn’t have to be practiced only one way. Meditation could simply be; having a cup of tea and thinking of all the things you are grateful for.   
  1. Have Confidence / Own Who You Are – there is no room for judgement, or criticism, we all are unique, we have our own voice, our own creations, no one is like us, be confident in this knowing.  
  1. Let Go of Harsh Talk / Fear– release fears, blocks, that are stopping you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do. It is safe for you to explore your passions, allow yourself this freedom.  

Intentions to Work with

Start your day with one, and raise your vibration in the morning so you can quickly shift throughout the day when different experiences/thoughts may come towards you and bring you to a lower level. Affirmations and intentions are the starting point to any and all actions, desires, dreams and goals. They are what create the momentum in the direction we want! 

  • “I am the creator of my manifestations”  
  • “Passion and creativity flow through me at all times” 
  • “It is easy for me express and nurture my dreams” 
  • “It is safe for me to explore passion and creativity”  
  • “I am more than enough” 
  • “I release all judgements, criticism and harshness”  

Breath of Fire Sequence (3-7minutes)  

  • Start by sitting down comfortably  
  • Eyes are either closed or softly open  
  • Mouth is closed, all breath is in and out of nostrils 
  • Pump the navel point in and out while rapidly breathing through the nose 
  • Let go of fear, anxiety, judgement with every breath  
  • Feel the heat building up within you, your fire 
  • To close; deep inhale through nose and out through mouth – honor your experience  

Journaling – Writting sequence

Take your journal and I want you write at least a page or a few paragraphs/sentences about what it would feel like to have your passion blossoming and in full abundance. It’s you in the future. Use your imagination, release fears, judgements, how, when, where all those details, you are writing it in first person as if it has already happened and what that feels like and looks like your divine most free imaginative creative self. 

Sacral Yoga Positions & Dancing – Singing for Manifestations

During this time and when you play with these positions, call in your passion, your creativity, your manifestations, let them be fluid in your sacral in the element of water! Heal and flow! Dance before and after these positions. In addition, use your voice, sing, let it out during this yoga position and dancing time so that we are connecting the throat chakra. (expression of manifestations) If you don’t want to sing, then state your intentions in a powerful fun voice, even playing with tones and pitches!!!  

  • Seated pelvic circles: seated, crossed-legged or 1/2 lotus, hands on your knees, make circles with your torso – go around one direction 6 times and then switch directions  
  • Cobra pose: lie flat on your tummy, feet flat on the floor, places hands under shoulders, life slowly and tenderly, head first, chest and then abdomen, keep naval on the ground, press pubic bone towards mat.  
  • Fish pose: lie on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you, place hands and elbows on the floor to support you, then arch your back and place the top of your head gently on the floor, keeping your chest raised. 
Cobra pose

Creativity Bath Ceremony


  • 1 Cups Epsom Salt  
  • 3 Oranges Sliced into Rounds 
  • 1 Bunch of Basel Leaves 
  • 3 Cinnamon Sticks 
  • 1 Can/Carton of Coconut Milk 
  • 10 drops of Vanilla & Sweet Orange Essential 
  • 3 Yellow Roses, their petals 


  • Place all ingredients in the tub at a temperature of your choosing 
  • Light a candle igniting your flame within, of passion and creativity  
  • Place your crystals around the tub; citrine, carnelian and turquoise 
  • Cleanse your aura with Palo Santo or Sage 
  • Look into the mirror with just your left eye and repeat your chosen intention 
  • Step into the bath and dunk your head 
  • Place the crystals in the tub near your belly and throat  
  • Take ten deep breaths in and out, call in your passion and creativity  
  • Feel it flowing into your heart 
  • Let the energy flow around you, bathe and soak in your medicine  
  • Repeat your intention again in your heart and third eye  
  • Step out of the tub and hug yourself with unconditional love  
  • Honor your mind body and spirit 
  • And the gentle cultivation of your passion and creativity  
  • If you can collect as much of the bath water, petals and herbs and offer it to nature, whether that’s indoor plant, a garden, park or sidewalk tree.  
  • Place your crystals in the moonlight to be charged and place your written intention next to them.